Reasons why Payrexx Direct payments are paused or deactivated

One of the most common reasons why payments are deactivated at Payrexx Direct is the missing or incomplete verification information from your company.

First of all, the information with the payment provider Payrexx Direct should be checked in your account under “Payment provider> Complete account details”.

If the verification is not the reason for the deactivation, here are more Reasons listed:

  1. Additional verification information is required.
  2. The payment provider is currently reviewing information about the connected account.
  3. The account is declined on suspicion of fraud or illegal activity.
  4. The account is denied due to suspected violations of the Terms of Service.
  5. The account could be on a banned person or company list (the payment provider will investigate this and either reject or reintroduce the account accordingly).
  6. The account is rejected because it is on the banned person or third party company list (such as financial services or government).
  7. The account is being declined for another reason.
  8. The account will not be rejected, but will be disabled for some other reason during verification.

If none of the reasons listed above apply to your case, our support team will be happy to assist you - create a ticket here.

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