Set Up Twilio SMS Gateway

This is a manual how to set up the Twilio SMS Gateway to send SMS for either:

- Two factor authentication

- Paylink functionality

How To

  1. You need to sign up for an account at Twilio: 
  2. You will be asked to verify your email address and your phone number.
  3. Choose "Developer".
  4. When it comes to a selection for programming languages, choose "Others".
  5. When it asks about "What do you want to do first?", choose: Send or receive a SMS.
  6. Provide the ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN to Payrexx for configuration of your Platform account.
  7. Click on Upgrade Project in the header section to turn your Trial Project into a productive one.
  8. You need to add billing address and payment information in order to upgrade the project.
  9. We would recommend to enable Auto-recharge to prevent a downtime of the SMS functionality.

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