Why do we charge a monthly fee as well as transaction fees?

The monthly subscription fee (different plans) covers the use of our Software and our Services. 

The main part of the transaction Fees is charged by our third part partners and not by us. The transaction fees cover the actual processing of the data when a payment is done, as well as the processing of the money flow. 

Anyway it is important for us to act as the most competitive Payment Service Provider in Switzerland. We have set the pricing for both the SaaS subscription and the Transaction Fees at an attractive level. Please have a look at this Article, it shows you our pricing bench marked to our competitors.https://www.openstream.ch/blog/psd-vergleich-schweiz/ 

Example 1 - for UK based Merchants

1) Annual Payrexx Fee

Depending on the Plan you choose (Checkout, Starter, Plus, Pro)

2) Connector Transaction Fee

Determined by the respective connector. As an example, when using Stripe as a connector you can see the pricing of the Stripe fees here: https://stripe.com/en-gb/pricing

3) Payrexx Transaction Fee

On top of the connector transaction fee, we do charge an additional Payrexx transaction fee. Anyway this fee is depending on what subscription plan you choose. See "Fees for using external payment providers (Connectors)" at our Pricing Page. If you choose the Pro subscription plan there are no extra Payrexx transaction fees

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