Payrexx Shop Plugin - Magento 1 Integration


The plugin for Magento 1 can be found at the end of this article. After you downloaded the Payrexx Payment Gateway extension for Magento 1 follow these simple steps.

1) Navigate to System > Magento Connect into your Magento 1 administration

2) Upload the plugin by choosing the .tgz file you've downloaded from this article

3) Click the Install button

After installing our module, the Payrexx library needs to be added to your project. In order to achieve this you'll need access to your server files.

1) Download the Payrexx library from our Github as a ZIP, you can find it here.

2) Unzip the library

3) Copy the directory "Payrexx" which can be found under payrexx-php-master/lib/Payrexx

4) Insert the above directory "Payrexx" into the "lib" directory which can be found on your server, directly under the magento root directory.


1) Navigate to System > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods in your Magento 1 administration

2) After installing our extension a new block named "Payrexx Payment Gateway" will show up. In this block you can make your plugin configurations

3) Insert the Payrexx instancename from your Payrexx account (

4) Insert your API key which can be found in your Payrexx account under API & Integration > API Key

5) Set enabled to "yes"

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