Creating a coupon

With Payrexx you can offer vouchers within a few minutes. No matter if you have your own website or not. Payrexx offers you the possibility to quickly build up a page for voucher sales. You can also integrate your Payrexx page directly into your existing website via button. 

Important feature: Send a voucher automatically via PDF to your customers!

1.  Log in and select Pages

  • Log in to Payrexx with your password and your e-mail address. Or create an account: Register.

2. Create a Page (mini Webshop)

First you need to add a Page, then you need to add a Product (Coupon) to this page. Please follow these steps:

  • Select "Pages" in your Payrexx Dashboard and then "Overview".
  • click on "Create first page".

Here you can create a small webpage as a webshop. You can use this webpage by sharing the link of the page, or you can integrate it in one of your existing webpages by the button function. 

3. Adjust the settings in your Shop

Now you need to adjust the settings in your shop. You have the following possibilities, please follow the horizontal menu bar:

Here you can do all the settings you need, we suggest you to go through all the items:

  • Title and Description: Here you can give your page a name and a description.
  • Payment Information: Make sure you select your preferred currency and payment method. It is also important to set the payment methods you want to offer to visible.
  • products: Here you can see an overview of all products you offer on your page.
  • Form fields: Here you can choose which information your customer has to fill in when making a voucher purchase. For example: Name, address, e-mail, phone number etc.
  • Extended Settings: Look and feel, messages, automatic email settings, SEO settings etc

4. Add a Coupon to the Shop

Now your shop is set up and you can add products to the shop, as well its in this step you can add coupons. 

  • Go to "Pages" -> "Products"
  • Click "Add"
  • In the Drop Down "Type" choose "Value Coupon"

5. Add the details to your coupon

  • Make sure the Product/Coupon added is assigned to the shop you created earlier
  • Add name, description, amount etc. 
  • As well you have the possibility to add an image
  • If needed, add inventory count and options, see next step

6. Add options

  • You have the possibility to add different options to the coupon
  • Fore example one of the options could be a different amount
  • Just type in the option and press "return" on your keybord

7. Send the copuon as a PDF

  • Here you have the possibility to send the coupon directly to the shopper by an automatic Email
  • Activate the button called "send value coupon in confirmation mail"

8. Look and feel

  • Go to "Settings" -> "Look and Feel" to personalize the design

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