Website requirements

Website Requirements list

In order to get a merchant account, your website needs to fulfill the requirements below.

The following information and elements must be presented clearly to the customer:

  • The Terms and Conditions of the company
  • The Subscription “Terms and Conditions”, if the company offers a subscription-based service or product
  • Refund and Shipping conditions
  • The name of the descriptor for the product/service, which will appear on the bank statement of customer/cardholder
  • Customer service information (e-mail and phone number)
  • The privacy policy of the company
  • A clear description of the products/services, including prices and fees
  • Contact and company information
  • The location of the company during the checkout process
  • Visa and Mastercard logos


  • The website has an agreement with a gateway.
  • All card information must be on an SSL secured page or connection
  • Your entire webshop must have an SSL certificate, otherwise, when customers fill out forms in your webshop, the message “Not secure” will appear in the address bar of your webshop.
  • Your webshop’s general Terms and Conditions must be accepted by a customer before checkout, including a link to “Terms and Conditions”.
  • The terms for subscription-based services or products must be accepted by a customer before checkout, including a link to “Terms and Conditions”
  • When a customer has completed a payment on the website, he must be presented with a receipt

Why do we ask about this? 
Your website must be compliant with Visa and MasterCard rules.

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