Introduction to Payrexx

1. Setup or Login

Try Payrexx 30 day for free and test all the functionalities from Payrexx.
To make settings in your Payrexx account, you must log in to your account.

2. Complete your personal datails

In order to use Payrexx you must complete your contact details in the settings under "Company data" and insert your general terms and conditions.

3. Choose one or more payment service provider

To receive payments from your customers, you must select a payment provider. Payrexx offers the possibility to link different payment providers and offer different payment methods like Visa and Mastercard according to your wishes.

  • Availability
  • Functions

Payrexx Direct is the in-house payment providing from Payrexx for dealers in the DACH-region and enables you to receive your first payments at no cost and without additional contract. Activation of Payrexx Direct is quite simple:

  1. Choose Payrexx Direct under “payment provider"
  2. Go through the registration process of Payrexx Direct. 

Fill in all information truthfully and completely. In order to receive payments, we must check your details in detail in the course of the Money Laundering Act. In the end, do not forget to upload a photo of your photo ID.

Please note that Payrexx Direct does not support all business models. If this applies to your company, please fill in the contact form and we will contact you to work out a solution together.

If you choose another payment provider, you can request a contract directly from the Payrexx backend. Please note that there are additional charges for using a third-party service based on the Payrexx subscription. You can upgrade your Payrexx subscription at any time under "Settings> License".

4. Look and Feel

Under "Settings> Look & Feel" you can customize your personal Payrexx Checkout to your liking. For example, you can upload your logo or design the checkout in your corporate design.

5. Tools from Payrexx

Payrexx is not only a payment provider, but also provides various e-commerce tools:

  • Payrexx Pages: Create your own small webshop in no time. You don't need any programming skills nor your own website.
  • Payrexx Paylink: Send the request for a payment by link and allow your customers a smooth payment process.
  • Payrexx Invoice: Create and send completely digital invoices and save money on paper invoices.
  • Payrexx Shop-Plugins: Integrate Payrexx as a plugin into your online shop. Payrexx is compatible with all popular shop solutions and CMS.
  • Payrexx Terminal: Virtual POS terminal for your devices or as a simple checkout on your website.
  • Payrexx Donation (coming soon): Collect donations easily and cheaply.

6. Integration from Payrexx

The integration of Payrexx into your website can be done in several ways. More about this can be found in our documentation for developers: 

7. Test

You can test the system by using the payment provider in test-/sandbox-mode. You can do test-payments whit the free test-credit cards. Don't forget to change the payment provider back to live-mode once your finished testing. 

8. Ready, Set, Go!

Once you have completed all these steps, you can receive money from your customers / supporters.

The Payrexx team wishes you every success and is happy to answer any questions.

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