Collect donations via QR-Code!

Collect donations via QR-Code!

Do you need print media for your advertising? Expand it with a QR code that allows your customers to make a donation directly. Your customers can simply scan the QR code, choose payment options such as Visa, Mastercard or PayPal and donate immediately.

Step 1)

Log into your Payrexx Account:. Login

Step 2)

In your dashboard: choose  “Terminal".

Step 3)

Put a tick in the fields you need. Your customer will fill out the fields later.

Step 4) 

Determine the design in which your terminal should come along. Under "Look & Feel profile" you can choose your design.

If you have not yet created a Look and Feel profile, go to "Settings" on your Dashboard and "Look & Feel". Here you can personalize your terminal

Step 5)

Your terminal is now ready for use. Now all you have to do is copy the link and generate the QR code.

Here is a possible QR generator, of course you can also use another one.


Step 6) 

Finished! Print this QR code on your print media or posters.


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