Instructions for Integrating PostFinance Checkout into Payrexx

You can offer your customers the following payment methods via PostFinance Checkout:

  • PostFinance E-Finance
  • PostFinance Card
  • Visa
  • Mastercard

Setting up PostFinance Checkout

Einrichtung mit Hilfe des Setup Assistant

Creat an account at PostFinance if you don't already have one.

Then set up a specific "Space". 

  1. Space-Name: We recommend the name of your shop.
  2. Fill in the fields. 
  3. Click on setup assistant. 
  4. Choose the payment methods wanted.
  5. Follow through the instruction until you get to "Integration". Choose Payrexx and follow the instructions.
  6. Copy the Space-ID, User-ID und Authentication Key. 
  7. Paste this information into Payrexx under "Payment Provider > PostFinance Checkout". 

Setting up PostFinance Checkout (alternative method)

Create an Account with PostFinance

After that, setup the so-called "Space" in the account:

  1. Space-Name: It is best to choose your shop/instance name.
  2. Fill in the other fields.
  3. Choose the payment methods you want to offer.
  4. You can skip the selection of an "Integration".
  5. Copy the ID of your 'Spaces' (you will have to enter it in Payrexx later).
Setting up 'Spaces'. 

Create an Application User:

  1. Also enter here as a 'Name' your shop/instance name.
  2. Copy the User ID and the authentication key (these must also be entered in Payrexx).
Anlegen des Benutzers (User).
Create a user.

Anzeige der User-ID und den Authentication-Key.
Display of the user ID and authentication key.

Link/Connect User and Space:

  1. Go to "Manage Roles".
  2. At Space Roles, click on the "+" .
  3. Select your shop under "Context".

Linking User and Space

Setup in Payrexx

Now enter the following data in Payrexx:

  • Space-ID
  • User-ID
  • Authentication-Key

Finally, choose which payment methods you want to offer your customers in the shop.

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