Set up subscriptions (without API-Access)

A subscription is a recurring payment. You can set this up once with Payrexx and do not have to worry about triggering a new payment request after the subscription period. You can set up a subscription either with our shop tool or with the payment link tool.

This guide is intended for merchants who wish to make subscription payments via the Payrexx platform without API access. Payrexx recommends solving recurring payments by tokenisation via the API.


  1. Choosing the right payment provider that supports subscriptions. Please check the following site:
  2. Set up the chosen payment provider.


Subscriptions with the shop

  1. In the Dashboard, click on "Create" under "Shop". If the shop already exists, the corresponding shop must be clicked in the "Overview". 
  2. Click on the tab "Payment information". 
  3. For "Payment type" select "Subscription". 
  4. Under "Subscription settings" define the booking period, the subscription duration and the notice period. 
  5. If necessary, make further settings, such as "Currency", "Minimum amount" and "Shipping costs".
  6. Save settings of the subscription shop.

Note: A shop is either of the "One-time" or "Subscription" type.

Subscriptions with the Paylink

  1. In the Dashboard menu, select "Paylinks".
  2. Create a new payment link or edit an existing payment link. 
  3. Under "Payment type" select "Subscription". 
  4. Save the settings of the subscription payment link.

Note: A payment link is either of the "One-time" or "Subscription" type.

Managing subscriptions

If a payment provider has been set up to support subscriptions, they can be viewed, cancelled, and deleted in the dashboard under "Payments" and "Subscriptions". To do this, click on the three points lying next to each other on the right edge. 

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