What is the Payrexx Paylink?

Send a Payrexx Paylink - by e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp or via your social media channels. Your customer reaches your individual payment page via the link, selects from all common payment methods and pays.

No matter if hotels, travel providers, authorities or associations that want to collect your membership fees. The Payrexx Paylink is suitable for all industries and services. Fast, simple and above all secure.

How do I create a Paylink?

Log in to your Payrexx account and go to "Paylink". Then click on the button "Create".

In the predefined mask you can set the title, amount, e-mail address and many other options. Optionally, you can even personalize the paylink by prefilling already known merchant data. The paylink is automatically displayed in your Look & Feel.

How do I send a Paylink?

When creating the link, you have the option under "Send as e-mail" to send the paylink immediately after creating it.

When you activate it, new text fields open up in which you can enter the subject and a message (optional). Furthermore, you also have the possibility to send a test e-mail before. As soon as you are satisfied with your paylink, you can click on "Create and send". The paylink will then be automatically sent to the customer's e-mail address.

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