Worldpay Activation Manual

The following guide will allow to simply and quickly to connect your Worldpay account with your Payrexx account.

1) Create a Worldpay account. If an account already exists, simply log in.

2) Copy paste the API keys by following the steps below (>Settings>API Keys>Service key & Client key):

3) Find Worldpay under the payment provider tab. Depending on your country the category will change as well ("Others" or "Available in Your Country")

4) [4] Paste "Client Key" and "Service Key" from your Worldpay to your Payrexx account. [1] Switch between test and live mode. [2] Add or remove payment methods. [3] Add or remove currencies. [5] Paste live API keys from your Worldpay account. This can be done as soon as Worldpay has approved your application and enabled the "Live or Productive" API keys for you. Always remember to click save after updating the settings. 

5) You can start using Worldpay and Payrexx solution.

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