Inserting the Analytics-Tracking ID into your Payrexx Account

Add your Google Analytics tracking ID and see how people use your payments page, how they get there, and how to make regular visitors from these users.


The website tracking code is loaded with every page view and evaluates it.

Insert Website-Tracking-Code 

The code can be found in your Google Analytics account under Administration -> Tracking Information -> Tracking Code. Copy it and paste it in your Payrexx account under Settings -> General Settings -> Analytics in the field "Google Analytics ID":

Tracking-Code for checkout

The "checkout tracking code" is only loaded on successful transactions and is used to evaluate these purchases. The amount and the currency can also be given in each case, these are then according to a successful order "tracked" accordingly. This code can also be found in your Google Analytics account and can be inserted under Tracking code for checkout -> Google Analytics ID:

The website tracking code gets always loaded. The order tracking code gets only loaded after successful transactions.

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