How can I integrate Payrexx Pages in my website?

As soon as you have created your own Payrexx form, you can easily integrate it into your existing website.

Getting started

Navigate to Pages -> Overview in your Payrexx backend and choose Edit at the Payment Page that you'd like to integrate into your website:


To start the configuration of the integration, head to 'embed in website'.

There, you can choose how the Payrexx form should be integrated into the Website:

The following integration methods are available:


Integrate a button into your website. It will be shown as a preview on the right-hand side. You can adjust the text, the text color, the button color (with and without hover-effect), font size and round corners. You can also choose if the Payment Page should be opened on the same page (in a modal window) or in a new browser tab.


You can also insert a link to the Payrexx form on your website. You can insert the link in a text (such as website menu tab) or a picture. Doing this, you can also decide if the Payment Page should be opened on the same page (as a modal window) or in a new browser tab.


One more way to embed the Payment Page can be done with a so-called iFrame. The form will then be shown in a separate window. You will also see a preview on the right-hand side when choosing iFrame.

Embed the form in the HTML-Code

At "code snippet", you will find an individual HTML-Code for the selected Pages. Copy the code and paste it into your HTML editor.

Adding additional parameters

You can pass optional parameters to Payrexx Pages, e.g. an amount:

You'll find further information to URL paramters at settings -> API -> paylink parameters in your Payrexx backend.


To get an insight into an existing website which has the Payrexx form integrated, head to our showcase:

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