How can I integrate my Payrexx form in my website?

As soon as you have created your own Payrexx form, you can easily integrate it into your existing website.

Getting started

Navigate to Tools -> One Page Shops in your Payrexx backend and choose Actions -> Edit at the Shop /  form that you'd like to integrate into your website:


To start the configuration of the integration, head to Share Page.

There, you can choose how the Payrexx form should be integrated into the Website:

The following integration methods are available:


Integrate a button into your website. It will be shown as a preview on the right-hand side. You can adjust the text, the text color, the button color (with and without hover-effect), font size and round corners. You can also choose if the Payrexx form should be opened on the same page (in a modal window) or in a new browser tab.


You can also insert a link to the Payrexx form on your website. You can insert the link in a text (such as website menu tab) or a picture. Doing this, you can also decide if the Payrexx form should be opened on the same page (as a modal window) or in a new browser tab.


One more way to embed the Payrexx form can be done with a so-called iFrame. The form will then be shown in a separate window. You will also see a preview on the right-hand side when choosing iFrame.

Embed the form in the HTML-Code

At "code", you will find an individual HTML-Code for the selected one page shop. Copy the code and paste it into your HTML editor.

Adding additional parameters

You can pass optional parameters to your Payrexx form, e.g. an amount:

You'll find further information to URL paramters at settings -> API -> paylink parameters in your Payrexx backend.


To get an insight into an existing website which has the Payrexx form integrated, head to our showcase:

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