Mollie Signup and Activation Manual

Mollie can be activated within Payrexx by following a few easy steps below.

1. Sign up for Mollie account by clicking on the following link.

2. Proceed to the Mollie setup page within the Payrexx account. In order to do so click "Settings" > "Payment providers" > "Credit and Debit cards" > "Mollie".

3. Select preferred payment methods and currencies within your Payrexx account by clicking on "Add/ remove payment methods" and selecting the preferred payment methods.

Afterwards, you need to copy paste test API key from your Mollie to Payrexx account. In order to do so, proceed to "Settings" > "Website Profile" > "Live and Test API keys" within your Mollie account and copy paste your "Test API Key" to your Payrexx account. You can now test payments with one of the Payrexx tools.

4. Once Mollie confirms that live transactions can be processed, you need to copy paste live API key from your Mollie to Payrexx account the same way as described above. Mollie setup page within Payrexx also need to be switchd into "Live" mode.

5. The activation within Mollie is ready. You can start processing payments.

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