Pre-Authorizations with Payrexx by Stripe

If a merchant doesn't want to charge customer's credit card immediately, he has the option to use pre-authorization. This feature enables to remember card details and charge it later on if necessary. This is not a typical reservation which blocks a certain amount on the credit card of your customer and therefore does not guarantee that you can charge your customer's credit card later on.

Credit card and SEPA payments can now be pre-authorized with Payrexx by Stripe.

These are listed separately in your Payrexx account in the category "payments".

A detailed overview of a pre-authorization: 

A pre-authorization can be executed multiple times and in different configurations:

Pre-authorizations with Payrexx by Stripe are available for One Page Shop, Paylink, VPOS tools and through the connection by API.


Step 1:

Navigate to Tools -> One Page Shops in your backoffice. Then select the shop where you want to set up pre-authorizations, and navigate to actions -> edit:

Step 2:

Go to payment information and choose "pre-authorization":

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