Payrexx Shop Plugin - Shopware Integration

Shopware is a online shop system developed in Germany in 2004. It is available both as open-source software and in commercial editions. With Shopware you can quickly and easily create your own webshop. Whether credit or debit cards, eWallets or web-banking payments; With this extension provided by Payrexx, you can add all common payment methods to your webshop and provide your customers with a fast, secure and user-friendly checkout.

1. Open the Shopware plugin manager

Open the plugin manager in your Shopware backend via Settings-> Plugin manager or with the key combination Ctrl + Alt + P.

2. Download the Payrexx plugin

Search for the Payrexx plugin in the Shopware Store and download it: Plugin:

3. Log into your Shopware backend

Log into your Shopware backend with your Shopware ID.

4. Activate the plugin

Now you can install and activate the Payrexx plugin. 

5. Plugin Configuration

Configure the plugin. You must provide the following information during configuration:

- Instance name (You can determine the instance name using the URL of your Payrexx account ( The second option is to copy it out of your Payrexx backend -> see the next steps.

- API key (you can find this in your Payrexx account -> see the next steps).

- Create order before redirecting to Payrexx: 

  • Yes - An order will be created after clicking the "order now" button. The status will be set to "open" until payment is confirmed. After the payment process, the status will be updated to "paid". If the payment fails, this will also be noted in the status.
    Advantage: In case of connection interruptions, an order would still be created with all important details.
  • No - The order will be created only after the payment process. As a result, you will receive fewer messages, and the status of the order will be set directly to "paid". However, if there is an interruption in the connection, this will not be detected. It may happen that the order is not created, although the customer has made the payment.

Transactions are displayed on Payrexx in both cases together with customer information.

6. API and Integration

Log in to your Payrexx account and go to API & Integration. Select Shopware and click at Add.

Select Shopware and click at Add.

7. Plugin settings and API key

To set up the plugin, enter your shop address now under "Enter shop address". Here you will also find the API key that you have to enter at Shopware.

8. Payment methods

Choose your preferred payment method. You can activate this in your Shopware account under Settings -> Payment methods. The payment methods selected here are then visible to the customer.

In this field you can see which payment methods are activated:

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If you would like to use our Shopware plugin with other payment methods, you can report this to us so that we can adapt the installation routine for you.

If you want to use Apple Pay, you have to validate the shop URL in the Stripe Dashboard under Payments -> Apple Pay. This step is simply described by Stripe in their dashboard:

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