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Find out more about the pricing and fees of Payrexx Payments in this article.

Payments with Payrexx Payments are processed with the credit card acquirer Stripe. Therefore, the Stripe transaction fees will be charged. The fees in EU countries are 1.4% + EUR 0.25.- per successful card charge (for european cards). Non-European cards get charged 2.9% + EUR 0.25.- per transaction.

The fees in the United Kingdom are very similar. European cards will be charged 1.4% + 20p per successful transaction, non-european cards get charged 2.9% + 20p:

     - EU countries:                                                                                                                              - United Kingdom:

Depending on your Payrexx-License, there are additional transaction fees from Payrexx that may occur. They vary between 0-1%.

Annual fee
Transaction fees*
Free free 1%
Starter EUR / GBP 108.- 0.5%
Plus EUR / GBP 348.- 0.2%
Premium EUR / GBP 588.- 0%

*Transaction fees from our side. Only successful transactions will be charged. Billed monthly.

Some examples of our pricing system:

Example 1: Payrexx Payments + Premium License in EUR.-

If you're using the Payrexx Premium-License, you'll pay an annual fee of EUR 588.-, but there will only be the credit card fees of 1.4% + EUR 0.25.-, no additional charges. 

That adds up to the following costs:

Example 2: Payrexx Payments + Free License in EUR.-

If you're using the Payrexx Free-License, you won't pay any annual fees, but there will be an additional 1% transaction fee from our side on top of the already existing 1.4% + EUR 0.25.- charge.

That adds up to the following costs:

Hint: Larger businesses and non-profit organizations often get discounts from Stripe on their transaction fees (on demand). Find out more about volume discounts here:

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