How can I use Payrexx on an iOS device?

Saving Payrexx Pages on your homescreen

  1. Open Safari on your iOS device
  2. Go to Payrexx Pages (
  3. Open the browser menu and choose "to homescreen"
  4. Choose "add"
  5. Your Payrexx Pages is now on your homescreen so you get fast access to it and don't have to type in the URL every time

Sending your Payrexx link to your customers

  1. Go to Payrexx Pages (
  2. Open the browser menu 
  3. Choose your desired type of delivery, text message or e-mail. The device will then open the appropriate app and insert the link as a message.
  4. You can now simply type in the phone number / e-mail address of your customer and send the link
  5. Your customer will be forwarded to Payrexx Pages by clicking on the link

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