TWINT Integration in Payrexx

How does TWINT work?

Information on TWINT for business customers can be found at

How to set up TWINT in Payrexx

Follow these steps in order to accept TWINT payments in your Payrexx store:

  1. Register at You will then be redirected to the start page.
  2. Navigate to 'Stores'.
  3. Choose 'Add online shop'.
  4. Fill out the form and click 'Next'.
  5. At Step 2, choose «PSP (Payment Service Provider)» and then choose Payrexx. Enter your contact data and choose 'Next'.

  6. Control your data and click 'Save'.
  7. Your online shop has been added. Copy the UUID number.
  8. Head to your Payrexx Dashboard and navigate to payment providers -> TWINT.
  9. Paste the UUID into the TWINT settings.
  10. Head to One Page Shop -> Overview and choose the one page shop where you would like to use TWINT as a payment method.
  11. Edit this one page shop by clicking on it's name. Once you are in the settings, set TWINT to visible in the tab 'payment information'.
  12. Your TWINT account is now successfully connected to Payrexx.

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