I want to help translate Payrexx

Thank you for your interest in helping us make Payrexx a little bit better every day. 


Payrexx uses an online translation system so that everybody can participate in the translation process. To participate just open this address in your browser: http://translate.payrexx.com/collaboration/ 


Below you can find some guidelines on how to translate Payrexx to your language and what you will have to pay special attention to. 

  • English is the reference language for translation. 
  • Do not translate placeholders within apostrophes “....”.
  • Sentences that contain %s can be translated, but %s always has to be kept in the sentences and be placed logically within the sentence. %s is the placeholder for the payment service provider. 
  • Word count approx 15’000. 

Then just follow these simple steps to get started: 


  • Create new account by entering the email address and choosing a certain password. Then click “Create my Account”. 


  • Choose project “Payrexx Platform”. 


  • Choose language to translate. 


  • Select the reference language as English.

  • Type your translation and click the “tick” button. 

  • Remember to that you can translate the back end and front end of the Payrexx software.

Thank you for your effort! Your translations will be visible on our platform within a few days.
















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