Payrexx integration in Weebly

Weebly's free Website Builder makes it easy to create websites, blogs pr online stores. And Weebly possesses a lot of customizable templates.

1. Log into your Payrexx account

To begin, login into Payrexx backend with the URL that you have created during the registration process. If you don't already have a Payrexx account start with registration here:

2. Choose your Payrexx Page

Go to your Payrexx Dashboard and choose "Pages", -> "Overview".

Go to the page you want to publish on Jimdo and click "Integrate".

3. Get the correct HTML code

Your page as a button

If you want to publish your sales page as a button via modal window, copy the code below (without changing anything in the configuration).

Your page as a iframe

If you want to publish your sales page as a iFrame choose "iFrame" and copy the code below.

4. Lot into Weebly

Log in to your Weebly account. Go to "Edit Website".

5. Integrate Payrexx into Weebly

Click on the </> symbol and drag it to where you would like the button or your iframe to be.

6. Past your HTML code

Click in the resulting field and then select “Custom HTML”. Paste either the previously copied code for the button or the iframe.

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