Payrexx integration in Weebly

With Weebly you can create a fully featured website within a few minutes.

To begin, login into Payrexx backend with the URL that you have created during the registration process:


Navigate to the sales page that you would like to publish on Weebly.

Click on "Share page" tab within the sales page settings menu.

You can choose between 3 appearance types of the Payrexx sales page on your website such as "Button", "Link" and "iFrame" and 2 options to open it either as a modal window or in a new window or browser tab. Please, choose Payrexx appearance on your website between "Button", "Link", "iFrame" and how you would like Payrexx page to be opened between modal window and new window or browser tab

You can test different integration combinations by copying the code indicated below (we have chosen to integrate Payrexx as the button in the modal window).

Open Weebly backend and navigate to create a new or edit already an existing page into which you would like to integrate Payrexx. 

Choose the area where you would like to place new element and then drag "Embed Code" to this area.

Click on the field "Click to set custom HTML".

Paste the code copied from the Payrexx backend.

Weebly automatically interprets the Payrexx code and displays it as the button on the page.

Click on "Publish"  in the right-upper corner.

Click on Payrexx button on the page.

When the customer clicks on the Payrexx button, Payrexx sales page opens as the modal window on the website.

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