Payrexx integration in Jimdo

With Jimdo you can easily and quickly create your own website. Apart from being user-friendly, website appearance is just perfect with Jimdo.

1. Get a Payrexx account

To begin, login into Payrexx backend with the URL that you have created during the registration process. If you don't already have a Payrexx account start with the registration here:

2. Go to your sales page

Go to your Payrexx Dashboard and choose "Pages", -> "Overview".

3. Get your suitable HTML code

Go to the page you want to publish on Jimdo and click "Integrate".

Payrexx as a pay button

If you want to publish your sales page as a button via modal window, copy the code below (without changing anything in the configuration).

iFrame solution

If you want to publish your sales page as a iFrame choose "iFrame" and copy the code below.

4. Integrate Payrexx into Jimdo

Log into your Jimdo account and go to your Jimdo page on which you want to integrate Payrexx.  Choose "Edit".

Navigate to the place on your website where you want to integrate Payrexx. Add content and go to " More contents and add-ons."

5. Past you code into Jimdo

Payment button

If you want to integrate Payrexx as a button: choose "payment button"


 Then you just have to paste the code just copied into the white box. Press "Save".

IFrame solution

Should the loading times for this button be too long or should you choose the integration via iFrame: Instead of clicking on Payment Button, click on "Widget / HTML" and insert your code there.

6. Finished

It's best to look at both results (iframe and button) and then decide what suits you best. Otherwise, congratulations and good luck with your business!

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