Payrexx Integration in Cloudrexx

Cloudrexx is the new customer experience management solution (CXM) from Switzerland. The new cloud service based on the open source solution Contrexx is optimized for companies from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Thanks to the extensive functionalities, Cloudrexx offers a solution for practically all needs that are placed on an online business today.

1. Log into your Payrexx account

To integrate Payrexx in Cloudrexx, first log into your Payrexx administration interface:

Login Payrexx.

2. Create a new webhook

Navigate to"API & Webhook”> “Webhook” and click on “Add Webhook”

Under "Webhook URL" you can insert the URL to your Cloudrexx website in the following format:

3. Changing the Cloudrexx settings

Log in to your Cloudrexx account: Cloudrexx login: Cloudrexx Login

Payrexx can be activated in the Cloudrexx backend under "E-Commerce" > "Shop"> "Master data"> "Payment methods"> "Payment provider".

Then navigate to Payrexx and click the checkbox "active" and "edit".

Now just add the name of your Payrexx page. You can find the API Secret in the Payrexx back office “API & Webhooks” -> “API Secrect”. Copy this code and paste it into the Cloudrexx backend in the field: “API Secret”. Now click on Save.

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