Datatrans Registration and Integration Manual into Payrexx

As a specialist for Internet payments and mobile payments, Datatrans supports all electronic means of payment in Europe.

Still no Datatrans contract?

  1. Ask for a Datatrans offer at:
  2. Select «Offer» for the request and «Webshop» for the desired payment solution.

Datatrans configuration

After conclusion of the contract, Datatrans will provide you with a merchant ID and the access data for

  1. In your Payrexx administration, open the page «Settings» > «Payment provider».
  2. Select «Datatrans» as your new payment provider.
  3. Generate an HMAC key at To do this, log in with the data received from Datatrans.
    You can find the key under «UPP administration» > «Security» and then click on the «Security» link next to the title «Server-to-Server service security».You can find this key under «UPP Management» > «Security» > link left of .
  4. Add the «Merchant ID» and the corresponding «HMAC key» in your Payrexx account.

Test Datatrans

Fill out the following form

You only need the «Web Payment Page» function. Configure the test account you received by following steps 1-4 above.

Use the new Datatrans API (Redirect API)

Configuration adjustments Datatrans

  1. Log in with your Datatrans account. Please note:
    Test accounts:
    Live accounts:
  2. Open «UPP Administration» > «Security»
  3. Activate the following setting on the «Server-to-Server service security» input mask:

    «Protect server-to-server services with password»

    Also generate a new password and confirm the changes. Copy the password. (You must then enter this in the Payrexx administration under «Settings» > «Payment provider» > «Datatrans»  in the «Merchant password»  field.)

  4. Next to the title «Server-to-Server service security» is a link with the name «Security». Please follow this link.

  5. Select the second option «An additional merchant identification will be sent in the payment messages» and generate a new key. Confirm the changes.

  6. Open «UPP Management» > «UPP Data» and enter the settings according to the screenshot below. Confirm the changes.

    URL Post:

Configuration adjustments Payrexx

  1. Open the «Settings» > «Payment provider» page in your Payrexx administration.
  2. Select «Datatrans» as the new payment provider.
  3. In the «Merchant password» field, enter the password you generated in Datatrans.

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