What customer data can I collect during the payment process?

You can decide yourself what kind of information about your customers you would like collect and if this information is mandatory in order to proceed with the payment.

  • In order to customize your the information which you would like your customers to enter click on "Sales page" and then either click "Add new page" or click "Edit" in the "actions menu" of an existing page.

  • Click on "Form fields".

  • Your sales page already has certain form fields added by default indicated on the picture below.

  • ¬†Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "New element" if you want to add more form fields to your sales page.

  • You can change the positions of the form fields as well as delete them. In order to change the position of the form field, click on it with the left mouse button and keeping it pressed, shift the form field to the position that you want.
  • In order to delete the form field, click on the rubbish bin icon on the right side of the form field.¬†

  • After you have finished customizing your form fields click "Save".

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