Braintree Registration and Integration Manual into Payrexx

  • Check your email "Inbox" in order to finalize the registration process by confirming your email address and clicking on the link in the email to register into your Braintree account.
  • Copy the "Sanbox Keys & Configuration" data from the Braintree account and paste it into your Payrexx account by configuring Braintree as your payment service provider.

  •  Activate preferred currencies.

  • One merchant account per currencies needs to be added in the Braintree account as indicated on the picture above.
  • Copy paste merchant account id's for different currencies from your Braintree account to your Payrexx account.

  • After you have created a productive account with Braintree, you will get a notified by Braintree if further documents are required as well as once your account is confirmed. 
  • Once your Braintree is confirmed your can enter the productive Braintree account data into your Payrexx account:

Your Payrexx is account is ready for use!

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