Shopping cart function for your sales page

Payrexx has launched the new feature which allows to add goods and services to the shopping cart. This feature enables to purchase, for example, the same product with different options such as color, size, and texture. With this feature Payrexx becomes the One Page Webshop. Of course, the well-known payment and donation page can still be utilized. 

Example of the sales page with shopping cart:

Right after the addition of the first product to the shopping cart, the shopping cart symbol appears in the right-upper corner of the screen. With one click on the shopping cart symbol the shopping cart can be viewed with all the articles that have been selected.

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Product example: 

Product options can be chosen as well and then added to the shopping cart. After articles have been added to the shopping cart, their quantity can be changed within the shopping cart. With this feature your customer will be able to purchase more products placed on one sales page. This incredibly simplifies the online shopping process.

Shopping cart example:

Wenn the shopping cart is opened, the sales page becomes dimmed in the background. With one click on the cross button, the customer comes back to the sales page and can continue shopping.

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Shopping cart in the Payrexx administration:

It is important to choose the product type. If you would like to accept donations without shopping cart feature, you need to choose "Donations" as the product type. 

Apart from that you can upload several pictures for a single product.

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