Angaben für Stripe

Please, prepare the following documents before the registration (this is the full list, don't worry if you have less):
  1.  Company representative name (if except company representative, there are people who own more than 25% of the company, provide their name, private address, birthdate and social security number)
  2.  Passport photo or identity card (both sides)
  3. Private address
  4. Birthdate
  5. Social security number
  6. Company identification number from commercial register.
  7. Company incorporation date
  8. Company name
  9. Company contacts
  10. Legal form of the company
  11. Company website
  12. Company VAT number
  13. Company address
  14. Bank account information (IBAN+BIC) (bank account has to correspond to the country where the company is registered)

In your Payrexx your click "Settings"(1), "Payment providers" (2), "Activate" (3).

After clicking on "Activate" you will be forwarded to the form below. Your Payrexx by Stripe account has been created after you have clicked "Activate" and you can start accepting payments. The information required to be entered on the form is mandatory if you would like to transfer payments to your bank account. 

You will receive an email from Stripe, that will allow you to login into your Stripe account and enter the missing information if you were not able to fill out everything during the previous step.

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